Monday, June 6, 2011

Kumquat got married!!

Well....the folks AT Kumquat Cupcakery got married!
This last month both Megan (head cupcake baker) and I acquired new last names, a ring, and a best friend for life.

Mr. & Mrs. Megan and Anthony LaMarca

Mr. & Mrs. William and Keavy Blueher

What did I have for my dessert you ask? Why cheese of course...... ; )

Bill and I were a bit sneaky about our wedding. We invited both our families together for a fun filled weekend in NY and upon arriving told them that we were getting married......the next day! It was truly amazing. My cousin dario married us by the water in east river park in Williamsburg, and then we all went back to his place to devour amazing cheese and champagne before heading to a loooooong celebratory dinner at Pastis. If only we could do that everyday.....
To see some pictures of the event you can go HERE.
Keavy Blueher

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Syarlilady (shar-lee-lay-dee) said...

Congratulations Keavy!!! Wow, girl. It's great to see your life unfold here from the time you started Kumquat and now you're married!! I'm so happy for you :-)