Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Party at Victoria Secrets

Yesterday morning, my crew and I delivered 1,500 cupcakes to Victoria Secrets. They were having a employee appreciation day which included massages, manicures, CUPCAKES, gift bags, and a giant game show spinning wheel things (do they have a name??). I'm hoping no Kumquat employees read this - the way I show appreciation is with a hug! :)
The display was beautiful, and as one of the women who works there pointed out, it looks very vintage. I love that.


Anonymous said...

wow!!! a lot of delicious cupcakes

Tinefis said...

I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and I am very interested in opening my own cupcake business.
Would it be possible for me to maybe get your email address and ask you a couple of questions about how you run your business etc?
I've never had my own business before and it would be great to learn from the best.
If you don't have the time, I understand.
Your cupcakes look amazing by the way. =o)