Monday, December 14, 2009

Solving the Bacon crisis

Here at Kumquat we believe in growing the business very slowly. There are many reasons we do this (the fact that I've never owned a business before and have lots of messing up to do is big), but the one that sits oh so brightly at the top is money. We have no small business loans or family loans holding us up, so when I get money it goes strait back to Kumquat. One thing that this has held me back from doing these past two years is going completely local or organic, even though I myself try to eat as locally as possible. HOWEVER, I'm thrilled to say that with a recent increase in business I'm finally taking small steps towards sustainability, and reaching out to other small businesses in the area.
This leads me to STEP ONE.....get awesome bacon.

When I ran out of bacon this past week (again, I'm sorry!!) I knew it was my opportunity to venture over to the south side of Williamsburg to see if I could find some awesome bacon over at one of my favorite stores, Marlow and Daughters. The guys there helped me pick out a very thick cut bacon from Edwards farms which is %100 certified humane. It looks so yummy. I'm going to be baking some of the bacon cupcakes tomorrow and will post how the judging goes.

I couldn't leave without a gift for myself so I bought some yummy kielbasa to go with my new Curry Sauerkraut from McClure's.......I can't wait for dinner.