Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NY Liberty Blog Translation.....

I recieved an email last night from a darling woman named Maiko explaining to me that she just moved to NY from Japan, and that she is both in love with my cupcakes and the Japanese blog that my cupcakes were written up in last week. She saw that I was in need of a translation for the article.....and so she gave me one! Amazing!

So here is is folks.....The NY Liberty Blog translation!

Title: "Kumquat", here is the most delicious cupcake bakery in New York.

Paragraph1: I just found a very cute cupcake bakery at "Gifted", which is one of inside flea market in Downtown Manhattan.

The name of this bakery is "Kumquat". There are bright 17 flavors of cupcake, and they are all $1 each. Cheap, isn't it??

Paragraph2: I saw a picture of postcard on the table that the owner Ms.Keavy Landreth eats some mini-cupcakes at a room with plenty of mini-cupcakes.

I like this photo!--That's unique and so much fun!

Paragraph3: Fortunately, I was able to talk with Keavy there. She finished two schools; Parsons The New School For Designs, and French Culnary Institute. After that, She has run her business since October 2007. I think she is the great owner in spite of her age.

Paragraph4: She usually sells her products at Brooklyn Flea and on her website. As for shopping on website, you can order them as both catering and delivery.

Hey, let's go to her website; That's cute again! There's a photo of Keavy as the introduction of owner. It made me smile.

Paragraph5: She is wonderful. I think it is the complete business. She is cute so doesn't look the owner from outside, but I felt that she really enjoys her business.

She has a nice atmosphere and shines up!!!

Paragraph6: By the way, every cupcake tastes amazing! They are not too sweet and well-balanced sweetness.

I could get 12 cupcakes with tiny pieces of bacon and that was what I've been most surprised at. AWESOME!!!

Have you ever discovered any cupcakes with bacons before? No, right? I'm so impressed by them, seriously.

All the products has fully considered for customers, for example, the size that everyone can eat easier, flavor, ingredients and so on.

Additionally, they are pretty and good-looking cupcakes. Unbelievable!!!

I say this with my confidence and certainty, "This is the most delicious cupcake bakery of all".

Not bad! Thanks Maiko!