Monday, December 14, 2009

Pictures from this last weekend....

wow. What a weekend. Did anyone pass by the market on Saturday? If yes, then you might have seen me looking slightly frazzled behind a very hungry mob of people. I went through 2 days worth of cupcakes in only 4 hours!! You people love sugar! ;) I dutifully went back to the kitchen that night to bake for the next day, and snapped some pictures of the finished product.

These were new Maple Cinnamon cupcakes that I made up on the spot. Since we went through twice as many bacon cupcakes as anticipated, we ran out of our bacon stock. I think these cupcakes look so cute, and almost resemble eggs. I think next time I make them it wont be a maple cinnamon flavor but something a bit more eggy and floral with maybe a drizzle of honey in the middle. who knows! I'll have to play around.

This is what 1,000 mini cupcakes look like....

alright, back to the kitchen!