Saturday, December 12, 2009

cute wedding pic

Okay, so my email etiquette as of late has left something to be desired. If you are one of those people that got a 3 page essay coming from my iphone, or had to wait 48 hours to hear if I could put pink frosting on a chocolate cupcake, I'm sorry! December has proven to be a tiiiiny bit crazy over here at Kumquat.
That's why when I received this email I couldn't help but feel utterly delighted that the tables had turned. Along with the letter she attached this photo, and it's...ummm....AMAZING.

"So i figure that three months is a pretty standard response time for me at the moment (eek). But there is absolutely no excuse for that fact that I have not yet written to you to tell you that you are the most fabulous baker in the world and you did the most amazing job at my wedding and everything was wonderful and that i will forever be grateful. :)"

As if that isn't cute enough, she write for this adorable blog.....

Thanks Erin!