Friday, December 11, 2009

Cupping at the Crop to Cup headquarters

As some of you may remember, Crop to Cup and Kumquat Cupcakery have been neighbors for a little over a year now. Taylor, head brewmaster at Crop to Cup, was the one who showed me the space in downtown Brooklyn and saved me from my stressful life of baking in my own kitchen.

Last night they held a "cupping" for family and friends. I had never been to one of these before, and was curious to see how the masters determine good coffee. I admittedly have been addicted to the stuff since I was about 13, so I pride myself on when knowing when a cup is "good" or "bad," but have never sipped a cup of coffee like a glass of wine. Having each cup side by side and doing the proper slurping method (something like what your mother told you never to do with soup), you can definitely tell the difference in each coffee. One coffee tasted strongly of blueberries, and we later found out this was because it wasn't dried properly. Pretty cool.
Overall it was a really fun evening and I've attached some blurry iphone pictures for your enjoyment.

The coffees...

Alexis, the newest member of Crop to Cup demonstrating the slurping method

Taylor skimming the roasted coffee off the tops of the cups

Sarah (the new kumquat baker) being very studious and taking notes on each coffee