Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Levi's & Foodspotting Unite To Take Food Pics with the Pros

Here is a great article in food spotting about a workshop my friend Amy Cao, hosted a few weekends ago. How amazing is the first picture??

"Foodspotting joined forces with Levi's Workshops in New York City last week to do what we do best - take food photos! Leading our food photography workshop were ace New York City photography pros who brought their wealth of knowledge from every field - editorial, portrait,celebrity and, of course, food. Not only did we eat a lot of Kumquat Cupcakes who generously donated miniature treats for the photo session, we learned to master our SLRs and point-and-shoots! But the most exciting thing for our app users? Foodspotters left knowing how to improve their phone pictures too! (The Cross Process app is kinda awesome if I do say so myself.)

We can't wait to host more of these gatherings to learn more and so we can meet you all. Everyone who came to the workshop were amazing too. You guys are a ridiculously sweet bunch!"

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