Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey there gingerbread cupcake! Welcome to the world....

To retweet myself from earlier this evening," I substituted all meals today for test bites of cake, frosting, cookies, and crisp.......I yearn for some raw broccoli." Yes, I may have a slight (major) tummy ache, and yes my pants might be a little tighter than when I started baking this morning, but gosh darn it, you gotta sacrifice some things for the good of the cupcake! And believe me kids, it was worth it -- the new flavors are scrumdidlyumcious.

Whiskey, Apple Crisp. Hubba hubba.

teeny tiny gingerbread cookies

teeny tiny gingerbread cookies on top of teeny tiny gingerbread cupcakes.

These will all be distributed to Dean & Deluca's Thanksgiving dessert counter tomorrow morning, so run on over and get some!
If you are brooklyn through and through and can't possibly make it over the bridge, stop by the Brooklyn Flea this weekend for a test run of these two new flavors!

Must wind down from all this sugar...


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