Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cupcake of the Week!! RUM RAISIN!

I'm SUPER excited about this weeks cupcake - Rum Raisin! The cake is going to be filled with raisins that have been soaking for over 24 hours in rum, topped with a rum spiked caramel frosting, a raisin and a dash of cinnamon. It's so. darn. yummy.

Those of you who are VERY observant might notice that I used about 25 mini packs of raisins. Why the mini packs?? Because they are mini cupcakes?? No, I'm not that crazy. I just forgot to buy them at a normal wholesale or retail store so I had to buy them at the little organic bodega next to my kitchen. This tends to happen every so often with things like bacon, powdered sugar, eggs, redbull......and I do believe the woman who runs it is starting to get concerned about my eating habits. I'm hoping for a possible bodega intervention.

You can find these awesome fellows along with Pumpkin, pecan, and bacon cupcakes at the Brooklyn Flea this weekend!

See you there!

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