Monday, October 18, 2010

Christie's, Kumquat, and Will Cotton

I first heard about Will Cotton when I was an illustration major at Parsons back in 2004. Being a huge fan of anything sweet, and having just become majorly obsessed with oil painting, it wasn't surprising that I was quickly drawn to his work. These days I seem to find myself spending much more of my time admiring cupcakes than I do art, so I was thrilled when Christies contacted me and asked if I could cater a lecture he was giving in the auction space.
It was so interesting to hear how he executes his paintings (he actually creates real life sized laughy taffy trees for the models to lounge about in), and hear how he tried to open a bakery mid painting career (it stayed open for about a year).
Here is an image of his work as well as some images of my cupcakes at the event.

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