Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Red Velvet Lounge

I'm happy to announce that Kumquat Cupcakery has now taken over Baked by Melissa's role of cupcake baker at Red Velvet Lounge!
I must be honest I was a little skeptical when the guys of the Status Group approached me with this new task. I had heard some mixed reviews of the place from Cupcakes Take The Cake and Yelp, and wasn't sure how my Brooklyn side felt about the prospect of making cupcake for a New York nightclub. However, after I got to talking with the guys my mindset started to change - this was going to be so much fun! I haven't created a new cupcake in a very long time, let alone one that was meant to get you a little tipsy. I ran back to my kitchen and set to work making the best darn vodka drenched cupcakes you've ever tasted.....and by god, I think I might have done it! These cupcakes are so tasty and moist that I accidentally got drunk at 9am in my kitchen when I may have "taste tested" a few too many. I have yet to take pics, but below are the flavors they will be serving through the summer.

Svedka Cherry - Vanilla cake folded with fresh cherries and bits of dark chocolate, topped with svedka cherry vodca, chocolate frosting and dark chocolate shavings.
Absolute Brooklyn - Vanilla cake folded with fresh apple chunks and grated ginger, topped with absolute brooklyn, vanilla frosting and gold sugar.
Chocolate Pomegranate - Chocolate cake drenched in pomegranate liquor, and topped with a spicy white chocolate frosting.
Red Velvet - Just classic old red velvet (virgin)

Pictures coming soon....


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