Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's been too long

Ohhhhhh how I have been slacking on my blogger duties! I always thought it was funny that companies hire professional bloggers to do all their blogging and tweeting, but I'm kinda starting to see the appeal. However, it'll be some time before I can hire an impostor keavy to write for me.

Now where do I start? Weddings.....june was all about the weddings. Here are just a few set ups from this last month.

Check out the cupcakes piled on top of each other on the lower tier, how much fun is that? Might be my new favorite way to display cupcakes.


1 comment:

Josef said...

I volunteer to be the fake Keavy when you are ready! My writing skills are okay and my baking skills are negligible but I heart Kumquat Cupcakes! My eating skills are legendary:)