Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yes....you heard me. Kumquat Cupcakery will be running a true blue retail location for exactly 4 full days this February! What day's you ask? Oh, just the 11th-14th!! I'm so excited I'm bouncing as I type this....and that's difficult.
Now I know I said that I would never own a brick and mortar location, but sometimes you just need a place to lay out your wares for everyone to see. Having a pop up location is perfect because it's way less of a commitment and more of a...fling!

Kill Devil Hill
170 Franklin St
Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY 11222

Think less skulls and more sprinkles....

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the lovely ladies of Liddabit Sweets are going to join me as well??? Lollipops, cupcakes, candy bars, oh my!

It's in the very very very beginning stages, but I will be sure to post updates as frequently as possible. There's lots of stuff to arrange, including the end of the week Valentines Day blow out party.....any suggestions?


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