Monday, December 28, 2009

Excited for 2010

The Gifted market, holiday orders, present opening, and family chaos have all come and gone.....and I couldn't be more delighted. ;) I'm kidding (don't worry family, I love you!), but I am enjoying the prospect of having a few days of down time to get my thoughts together and figure out where Kumquat will be in the new year. Day by day I can feel Kumquat growing and turning into a profitable business, and that's terribly exciting! I've got so many fun ideas running through my head for 2010 that I can barely contain myself.
I will not be opening a store front. This is my number 1 most frequently asked question, and I hate to disappoint when I tell people the answer. I'm not going to lie, I catch myself daydreaming of dark wood counters lined with thousands of perfectly decorated mini cupcakes in violets, reds, greens, and blues. Giant Kumquat trees scattered about the place and art work hung from the walls. theory it's lovely, but in reality it's a lot a lot a lot of work, and even more money.
I do however see some fun new products, a new flea location, and a pretty big Kumquat makeover......and arn't makeovers the best??
I've got to run to do some market research (mmm), but will keep you posted through the coming weeks on the progress of all these fun new changes.

I leave you now with some images and a blurb from agent j loves agent a on flickr.....

"Those that know me know that I would kill for a good cupcake. Okay maybe just maim. After tasting Kumquat Cupcakery's minis, I might kill for mini cupcakes as well. I was skeptical at first but their bite size masks full size flavor! It's just sad they don't have a full store or eatery yet, just online order and deliveries, but if you see them at your local flea market, you should give them a go. You won't be sorry. "


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Josef said...

Hey Keavy and crew! Thanks for using my photos! I came back for more and didn't realize you wouldn't be at the Brooklyn Flea holiday shop anymore. I'll be sure to follow you on this blog and link from my photos.