Friday, November 27, 2009

NY Times cupcake article....

Did any of you get to see it? What did you think?
I think that the article is really interesting, but the comments below it are even more so. It seems that everyone who commented was very negative about cupcake shops, saying it's a fad or not a viable business. Being a cupcakery owner myself I believe it can be done.....but you have to do it right. To be honest I'm still trying to figure out what "right" is, but I do know that the #1 priority is to have a stellar product. Making a product that's empty calories, or just a rehashed version of something everyone's seen before will lead to people growing tired of it....just like the commenters in the article.
I think this is good, and I'm excited to see where this whirlwind of cupcake mania will take us. Moving on some will survive and many of them will fail.....and in my humble opinion it will be the ones with more heart and less sugar. :)



Syarlilady (shar-lee-lay-dee) said...

Hi Keavy :-)
After reading the NY Times article from the link you put on the photo, I actually hope that you won't be in any rush to have a storefront.
In fact, what I admire most about Kumquat is that you practically made your mark WITHOUT having a storefront. It's unique. Also, the fact that customers get to contact you directly gives it that personal touch that large shops don't have.

非凡 said...

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Kumquat Cupcakery said...

Thanks you two! That really means a lot. <3 <3