Monday, November 30, 2009


The first week of the holiday market has wrapped up, and I must say it was a rousing success! I was incredibly impressed with the way you folks bounced back from Thanksgiving! :)
So now what? Now I spend the next two days running around like a maniac to insure that when you come back Wednesday I'll have an even more dazzling display of miniature delights.
Errands include Ikea, costco, staples, cake & bake, and then back to the kitchen. All in one day? can be done.

I'll leave you with some pictures from this last weekend.....

The cupcakes on their way to the market....

How cute is she? I was amazed how many kids liked the chocolate lavender cupcakes.

My two favorite folks at the market....and no it's not just because they give me free beer....

My new neighbor! I was a little disoriented not being by other food mongers, but it turns out this situation will work out quite well for everyone. Concentrating so much on cupcakes I tend to throw my own hygiene to the wind, and the owner of Australian Scent must have picked up on this. She's already gotten me completely hooked on their amazing soaps and lotion.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, I'll be sharing some pretty fun news! yay!
See ya then,