Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NY Times

Check out the NY Times "under $25" Section for a great article highlighting all the yummy food vendors (including moi) at the Brooklyn Flea!

To read GO HERE.

Although the writer did a great job of describing our teeny tiny little goodies, there was one teeny tiny little mistake. Peter Meehan wrote: "Kumquat’s selection changes regularly, which means, sadly, that the apricot and poppy seed cupcakes will someday be gone."

Not so!

Here at Kumquat we let you be the judge of what stays and what goes. We are constantly trying to revamp our menu to make it as delicious and diverse as possible. I got a GREAT response from people about the Apricot & Poppy Seed Peter Meehan, worry no more! They are definitely here to stay for awhile.

AND, even though we only bring 3 different kinds of cupcakes every week, that doesn't mean that you can't have the one that YOU want. Just place an order for any of the cupcakes that you see posted under "Current Menu" and pick them up the next weekend at one of the two markets. Easy!

Check back later for the flavor of the week!
The cupcake this week is going to include two of my absolute favorite ingredients.........and if you've been paying attention you'll know what at least one of them is.

Big Love,