Monday, January 7, 2008

January & Kumquats

Dearest Bloggers,

I have some very exciting news for you! With the arrival of the new year, Kumquats have finally come into season! I've been day dreaming of fun new kumquat recipes all fall, so when I saw the barely full, and totally overpriced box of kumquats at Whole Foods this afternoon I had to pick some up right away.

So here they are:

Honey, Almond and Orange Cupcakes toppped with Candied Kumquats

These cupcakes turned out absolutely delicous. There's about a cup of Honey in them, making them incredibly moist, but not dense at all. They're also made with a good amount of almond flour giving them a slightly nutty flavor. mmmm. so good. I do think I was slightly impatiant with my kumquat purchase though, and will probably wait till either febuary or march to officially add these little guys to the menu.

Hope your having a wonderful new year!