Saturday, December 8, 2007

Beauty Bar & Cupcake update

Hello blog readers!

Hope your Saturday is going fantastically.
I just wanted to let you all know that Beauty Bar on Thursday night was a big hit. Tons of fabulous people from the far reaches of Manhattan and Brooklyn, all united by our love of cupcakes.
Since my camera is still MIA, I'm waiting on photos from the party to be sent to me by a friend, and will be sure to post them right away.

To read a review of the party go here.

Next big news is that I decided to change one of the flavors at the last minute. It's not a HUGE change, but it made a world of difference in the taste. The Gingerbread Cupcake is now sporting a lovely milk chocolate frosting with a hint of orange. oh my god, it's so delicious, I'm a genius.
Here's a picture of a few I've taken home for my own consumption.
And as you can see from the picture I'm wearing a pretty snazzy little git up; I won this apron at the Thursday night Cupcake party! It's from a site that specializes in "
glamour girl, vintage-inspired aprons." To see more go here.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Market!