Friday, March 4, 2011

FLAVOR OF THE WEEK! Port, Cherry & Ricotta

Holy Mama! This cupcake's a doozy! I don't think I have to try to hard to sell you on this one. Instead I'll just show you a bunch of photos......

I boiled a pound of dried cherries in port mixed with a little orange zest to start. After they cooled a bit I separated the cherries from the port syrup and pureed it into a cherrie paste that I folded into the cake. Which you can see in the image below.....

How pretty is that little guy?? The cherries add a tiny bit of tartness which I love.

I then used a TON of ricotta for the frosting. In foresight I should have contacted Betsy of Salvatore Brooklyn Ricotta and gotten theirs.....but that's what I get for being so last minute with things. I used a pretty good ricotta from a amish farm upstate.

Come grab one tomorrow at the Brooklyn Flea!!! We keep selling out so get there early!

Brooklyn Flea
One Hanson Place Brooklyn


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