Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My messy pink kitchen

Megan had the day off today so I was in the kitchen all by my lonesome making Valentines cupcakes for Thomas PINK's holiday party. Here is a little video I took when I got bored of boxing cupcakes. The power to video on my camera is my new favorite thing EVER.
Megan is usually the one baking and she is much cleaner than me if you were concerned. ;)
Also! I know I say "happy valentines day" at the end even though it's still 5 days away, but for bakers the entire two weeks leading up to vday somehow feel like one long valentines day. Do you feel me fellow bakers??

You can still order this mix of cupcakes up until Friday. So if you want a delivery on Monday morning, LET ME KNOW SOON!! :)


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