Monday, April 19, 2010

Pics from the Lamb Takedown!

Good old Metromix came to the rescue with some image of last nights Takedown.

Holy moly, what a night. 20 amazing lamb dishes, lamb tote bags, lamb tatoos, and even lamb performance art filled the Bell House last night. It was amazing. I was so impressed with the caliber of food that was being served! You can definitely tell that the stakes are being raised with each takedown. I walked away with a new lamb cutting board, and the honor of "Most Ewe-nique dish!" (get it??)
I also had the pleasure of hanging out and meeting other Food Curated subjects like Ben Sargent of the infamous Underground Lobster Pound, and Ross Hutchison and girlfriend Joanna Cybulski of Bacon Marmalade.

Lamb Cupcakes!! It was a corn cake with filo wrapper, chive and gorganzola mashed potatoes acting as the "frosting," deep friend braised lamb shank and a drizzle of blackberry sauce. yummm

It was a full house!

Look at this adorable man holding one of my Lamb Cupcakes!

Ben Sargent showing off his bling


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