Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Mind Kitchen on Heritage Radio

The episode of Mind Kitchen that I recorded last week with Matt Timms is finally up for your listening pleasure! Click HERE to listen!

Below I copied and pasted from Matt Timms Blog.....

"Is it possible that the Mind Kitchen could get any cooler and more awesome? Actually, when your three guests are Melissa Sands (Fork This), Keavy Landreth (Kumquat Cupcakery), and Amber Marlow Blatt (Hey Brooklyn) - it’s not hard to look like a bad ass mega swamp bomb!!! MAN these guys made me SO COOL!!! It’s always good to kick around some beers with good people and mull over 5 ingredients, till they BS me three impossible courses- and Heritage Radio Network is the dopest place to do just that!!! Thanks to Jack in the Booth for producing this thing, and supplying smartly placed echoes where they need to be. This show is maybe the coolest thus far… Hope you notice the new logo for Mind Kitchen - I spent all day making it, and I really think it sums up the spirit of the Mind Kitchen: just as Crom’s blade lies buried deep in the rooted earth, so must we excavate the brains of my contestants - and uncover a perfect 3 course meal!Get it??? Right??? I know!! Oh and listen all the way to the end of this episode, because all three contestants snuck back into the studio to deliver Matt Timms an extra amuse-bouche of SMACK TALK! MANY OWCHIES DELIVERED!!

Music by Exodus, Iron Maiden, and Goatsnake. Matt Timms (blown out) in the studio with Melissa, Keavy and Amber"

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