Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's play catch up.....

Yes, I know.....I haven't blogged in over a week. Bad. me. I have a really good excuse though, we have been crazy busy!!!! Who knew that the month of March was such a party month?? Right?
Let's jump right in....

I was one of the lucky brooklynites that was asked to join the wedding expo this past Sunday at BAM. Having worked right across from BAM for over a year now, I was shocked when I realized I had never actually gone inside! I had an awesome time getting to talk to new people from the industry like photographer Kristina Hill, as well as old friends like the kids from Stinky Brooklyn, and Andy from Nunu Chocolates. NOT TO MENTION 300 soon to be brides!!.....I guess that was pretty fun too. ;)

The play company puts on a benefit every year called the Cabaret Gourmet where they bring in 10 different chefs from restaurants in NY to give away there goods and enjoy an eventing of song and dance. I love going to events like this, one because I actually get slap on a pair of heals, and two because it brings me to an event that I would have never gotten to be a part of had I not started Kumquat. Everyone at the play company was incredibly nice, and all the food was AMAZING. You can't really go wrong with mini chicken pot pies.
I also got to meet Bryan Batt who plays Sal on Mad Men. We chatted for a bit and he told me when he did "jazz hands" on stage it was for me.......swoon.


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