Monday, February 22, 2010

The Future of food and more titillating surprises

Happy Monday morning bloggers!

I've got my cup of Crop to Cup, I'm well rested, and am ready to let you in on what's goin' on this week......
FIRST up is that I (Keavy) have been invited to attend a panel tomorrow evening on the Future of Food at 92Y Tribeca.

I'm super excited, apparently there are already 275 people who have RSVPed! I'll be surrounded by familiar faces like Neki from Early Bird, and the fine folks from Rooster design group so it's sure to be a fun reunion. I'll be setting up shop and selling my goods to anyone who needs a sweet fix after the lecture.

SECONDLY (and this is for mature eyes only), I've been invited to create a custom cupcake for Coco De Mer, the luxury erotic boutique in lower manhattan. (!!!) How cool is that?!
Every week Coco De Mer hosts "a lesson in the art of loving" where they invite 20 women (or men) to come in to the store, take a class by the worlds leading sex teacher, drink champagne, and eat something sweet. That something sweet will now be their very own kumquat cupcake, and will only be available through events and classes at Coco De Mer.
I have yet to actually create the cupcake, but it's got my little brain reeling with possibilities. Are there any flavors you can think of that might compliment their style well? Let me know!

That's it for now....


Amy Blogs Chow said...

Black frosting! mix of ivory colored cupcakes with black frosted cupcakes. Or something dark red, like your red velvet color. I don't know what flavor black frosting would be. OH! how about a dark purple cake. I guess I associate erotica with rich dark velvety colors.

Meli said...

Hi Kevy,
Maybe you can do some lingerie in fondant and put it as a topper :) with little hearts :)