Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Aphrodisia was the first place I found lavender in NY when I decided to start putting it in my cupcakes. The price here is probably a little higher than what I could find online, but I like the atmosphere of the place and it makes me feel like I'm on an outing which I rarely do anymore because Kumquat seems to get all my attention. That's why when it comes time to buy lavender, I make a day of it. As opposed to sitting in my pj's plugging credit card numbers into a website, I get dressed up, hop on the subway and head over to the west Village. I pick up my lavender, and then head next door to peruse Murray's Cheese, smiling when I see things like Early Bird Granola and McClures relish, knowing I'm so lucky to know the wonderful people behind the product. Then I head next door to Amy's Bread; this was the first place I worked in NY around 2003, so it always brings back memories to step inside. If you happen to head over there buy the whole wheat walnut bread, take it home, toast it, and slather it with butter...... it's so good.
Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday on my day out....


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