Friday, January 8, 2010

Kumquat + WEP

New York Bakery ‘Kumquat Cupcakery’ Pledges Two Dozen Cupcakes per Month to the Best, Brightest, (and Loudest) Supporters of Women’s Education Project

(New York, NY) – December 1 marks the launch of Causes and Cupcakes, Women’s Education Project’s Facebook campaign to raise $10,000 by June 1, 2010. Donations will be used to fund WEP’s educational centers in Madurai and Hyderabad, South India. Brooklyn baker Keavy Landreth, owner of Kumquat Cupcakery, has pledged to provide two dozen cupcakes every month from December through June to reward the efforts and involvement of WEP cause supporters.

Each month the all-time donation leader and the person who has recruited the most new cause members will each receive one dozen Kumquat Cupcakery cupcakes, hand delivered to their home or place of business. “I feel so honored to be donating to such a wonderful cause and hope that the cupcakes will motivate everyone else to give as well,” commented Keavy Landreth.
The education of women is the single most important component to solving some of society’s most serious problems. At centers in South India, WEP provides women from poor backgrounds college scholarships and academic support. Through a multifaceted approach, WEP not only educates women on topics ranging from finance to nutrition, but encourages them to spread their knowledge to their families, communities, and hopefully, beyond.
Like WEP students, the Cupcakes and Facebook Causes campaign allows WEP fans to spread the word about the importance of women’s education. Together, they are part of the solution.

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