Monday, December 21, 2009

Done & Done

The Gifted Market is still going strong, but Kumquat Cupcakery has left the building.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, to everyone who came to the market to visit me over the past three weeks. Times were definitely stressful, but getting to meet fans who have been following us for years, and also create new ones (one woman bought a 12 pack every day!) made the whole thing worth it. I loved seeing peoples faces light up (especially the dudes) when they saw the bacon on the cupcakes.
Overall a wonderful experience that I'll definitely take place in next year. I'm already scheming new items to bring, and how to better set up the table.

I found this box of cupcakes in my kitchen that never made it to the flea, so I've brought them back to my humble abode. I thought for sure I would never want to see another cupcake again (or for at least a week), but low and behold....I've already eaten two. They are really good arn't they?? Sometimes I forget.

My tiny christmas tree....


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