Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bailey's Cupcakes

Feast your eyes on these bad boys.....

Being a tad overwhelmed this season with the gifted market and holiday orders I haven't had much time to play around in the kitchen. I wanted some new flavors for the market so I took some advice from my kitchen mates and made a Bailey's Irish Cream cupcake. At first I only put it in the cake, and although there was a hint of bailey's flavor in there, it just wasn't enough to satisfy me. After trying out different combinations with chocolate and coffee I landed on this beauty.....bailey's irish cream caramel sauce. I made the same caramel sauce as the Coffee Caramel Bourbon Cupcake, but instead of using Bourbon I used Bailey's....and Voilà! Delicioso!
This cupcakes will be introduced at the Gifted market on Wednesday.