Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sarah Haas

After two years of being head baker at Kumquat, spooning every single cupcake into a baking sheet, frosting every tiny cupcake with it's appropriate design, I'm very happy to be finally handing over my pastry bags. Sarah Haas is now Kumquat Cupcakery's first full time baker!! Sarah has already proven herself to be a fast learner, a wiz with frosting designs, and a cheery pleasant person to be around.....which is very important here at Kumquat.
Sarah will be hiding in the kitchen most of the time, so as a way for you to get to know her I asked her to write a little something about herself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet.....

Sarah Haas

"My name is Sarah Haas and I am proud to be the first employee of Kumquat's master cupcakery. New to baking, it hasn't taken long for me to fall in love with these mini delights. In fact, I often to their reassuring sweetness when the big city gets a little rough. You see, I'm a westerner at heart, a Coloradan in spirit and I'm very very new to New York. It was only six weeks ago that I moved to the shabbiest of sheek Brooklyn apartments, a shocking transition for this country bumpkin. Snowboarding in Colorado powder, hiking through rocky mountains and farming Californian chickens, goats and veggies are my activities of old. Now, instead of waking up to rooster calls, honking taxi's serve as my alarm. Soon enough, I'll be at graduate school at NYU (MA in art and philosophy), but for now I am a baker by day and an happy explorer of the streets of the city by evening and night. I might just be the the luckiest girl in the city and it it makes me so happy to bake bake bake all day."