Sunday, May 31, 2009

Market Pics

The market yesterday was absolutely beautiful! Big thank you's to everyone who stopped by! The coffee caramel bourbon cupcakes finally made an appearance, and were a big hit. The over all consensus was that they remind people of waffles and coffee.....hmmm....that wasn't my intention, but I like it!

I'm going to be testing out a new cupcake next weekend at the market, and I'll be introducing it this week via blog, so stay tuned....

Betsy of Salvatore Brooklyn takes a break from her long day of sandwich making to try one of the caramel bourbon cupcakes .

After watching the lovely ladies of S.B. spread ricotta on baguettes all day long, I gave in and bought some. My main focus may be in sweets, but there's huge place in my heart, and stomach, for cheese.....and this stuff is sooo good.

Fresh bread, cheese, salt, pepper, and olive really can't go wrong.