Sunday, March 8, 2009

303Grand Mini Film Festival

Tomorrow night!!

Go stuff some popcorn in your purse and giddy up down to 303Grand tomorrow night for some fun films and free cupcakes (by yours truly of course)!!

Here's the info...

Monday - 3/9 - DOORS 6PM
We Saw Such Things - Directors: Amy Seimetz and James Ponsoldt – 2008 (Director Amy Seimetz in attendance) RT: 22 minutes
• A love letter to a dying Florida that proves that the mermaids of Weeki Wachee still got it going on.

Thing With No Name - Director: Sarah Friedland – 2008 (Director in attendance) RT: 83 minutes
• In South Africa, the disease goes by many names, including "the finisher of the nation". Friedland and Director of Photography Esy Casey follow two women diagnosed with AIDS - 32-year-old Danisile and 40-year-old Ntombeleni - as they begin their antiretroviral drug therapy. Even as they struggle with the disease, weakened immune systems, and the side effects of the drugs, they continue with their every day lives and helping their families. They never give up hope. A truly important film.

Die Hardererer - Director/Editor - Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor – 2007 (Director/Editor in attendance) RT: 17 minutes
• 4 films. Every frame of fire. That's right - just the important stuff.

Nerdcore Rising - Director - Negin Farsad – 2008 (Director in attendance) RT: 80 minutes
• Follow MC Frontalot, G Minor 7, Blak Lotus and Sturgis from the streets of New York into the clubs of America, and watch as they drop hip-hop bombs on the nerds, geeks, dweebs, and dorks who will one day be your bosses. This is how they get down. Then start wondering why you don't know about this yet.