Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Year Ago

If I may, I would love to take a moment to reminisce....

Kumquat's first day of sales.....Success!

It was just last year when Kumquat received a phone call from Time Out NY asking if they could do a feature on us for their Valentine issue. I remember the women on the other end specifically asking me not to take up any other magazines if I was asked. "Who else would ask me?? I'm a grimy hipster that sells mini cupcakes off of construction paper and doilies!" I remember thinking. However, it pays to be at the right spot at the right time, and apparently I was standing right before the head editor of the Eat Out section at TONY when her sweet tooth was at a high. You gotta love NY.
Since then we've been covered in most the major magazines in NY, mentioned on Martha, kept the lovely lunching ladies at Bergdorf happy, and supplied parties for such people as Jimmy Kimmel and The Roots with more cupcakes than anyone ever needs.
Oh how far we've come....

Mid Summer at the Brooklyn Flea

Now after only one year Kumquat is well on it's way to taking over the cupcake world in NYC. With a commercial kitchen, delivery guy (thank god!), part time employee, personal photographer, and of course, my lovely designer who makes us look so darn good.

Blogs to come......
Valentines Cupcakes
Kumquat's new kitchen
Be on the look out for new markets popping up in DUMBO

Thank you all for supporting Kumquat this last year!!!
Until tomorrow...