Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer at the Market

Well......It's officially summer......

There are a couple things that are bound to happen once the heat in NY rolls around: My hair is no longer under my control, it continues to grow bigger and curlier by the second. Fashion is out the window, if short shorts plus an apron is what feels most comfortable, so be it, that's what I'm wearing.
One thing that I completely looked over was the comfort of my precious little baked goods! Here you can see what happens when buttercream meets 90 degree weather.......

Banana Creme

Coffee Caramel & Bourbon

All in all it was a pretty good day at the flea. Despite the weather, the cupcakes were being eaten fast enough so that no real aesthetic disasters could occur. And I must say, I tried one of the extra gooey cupcakes after the flea was all over, and it might have been the best they've ever tasted! I say, bring on the heat!