Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This blog has been picture deprived for much too long.........

White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes

Devils Food & Orange Cupcakes
Banana Creme Cupcakes
Lemon & Lavender Cupcakes

These Cupcakes were for the lovely people at the Fragrance Foundation. They were putting on their yearly Fragrance Awards, which were described to me as "the Acadamy Awards of the fragrance world."

Strawberries & Creme Cupcakes
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate & Coffee Cupcakes
White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

These custom made cupcakes were made just for the people at PHTHRD. I unfortunately had to miss out on the party, but it sounded absolutely amazing. Here's the description from their website:

"PHTHRD in NYC invites three artists to tell a story using hundreds of Polaroid pictures to craft a mosaic narrative. This will happen LIVE in Brooklyn on Tuesday March 25. That means you watch them do it and you get to be in the pictures."

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Cakespy said...

Yeah! Way to kick off the week! :-) Oh these pictures are fantastic!!